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We have had two sad deaths of colleagues in 2004 and 2005. Joey Hannon, Mick Dunne and Maria Pop - May they rest in peace.
Obituaries of Joey, Mick and Maria are added to this page by work colleagues.


"Joey was a loveable guy who was well known by hundreds of his colleagues throughout Dublin Bus and C.I.E. in general. He had his hard times and some good times as well. He is fondly remembered by many as a chatty type of guy and he would talk to everyone. He was witty and could tell a good yarn. He liked to play cards with his workmates at lunchtime in Conyngham Road and the craic was great. Joey is sadly missed by his workmates and we thank god we had such good times with Joey to look back on. God be good to you".
                                                 VINCENT HANNON.


"Mick Dunne (pictured left with one of his grandchildren) was a quiet type of man. He always gave me the impression of a deep thinker and I was always trying to work out what Mick was thinking. I parked Mick's car(s) many a time. (I say cars because Mick changed his Citroen car in 2004 with a Citroen Picasso MPV, so I got to park both at different times of course).
I liked Mick for many things. For example, I got to know what Mick liked and disliked when it came to parking his cars. He'd tell me, - "Don't have the handbrake pulled too hard... Leave the car in first gear as well". I do that with other peoples cars also when they tell me their preferences. Mick took his time with most things much to the annoyance sometimes of several Inspectors who would be looking for Mick. We can look back now with fondness of those occasions because you got to know Mick's ways. I think Mick liked me too because he trusted me with his car and we got to speak about various things on many occasions and got on well. Some people say Mick was a loner. He did keep himself to himself quite a bit but that was Mick's way. We all have our own ways of behaving. None of us are better than another because they act differently. Mick was liked by many people for being Mick. He was his own man and didn't suffer fools gladly. That was the way he was and I liked him for that. Mick will be missed by his friends and colleagues in Conyngham Road. God bless you Mick."
                                              PADDY DOWNEY.


Our very dear and young colleague Maria Pop (pictured with her child Abigail in her arms) died in a tragic road accident in Romania on the 9th August 2005, whilst on holidays with her family. Maria was only 25 years of age when her live was sadfully ended. She leaves behind her husband Dumitru (also pictured) and her daughter Abigail and son Mark Dimitrus. In the photograph (left) is also her mother Victoria and her sister Sandra. Maria came to Ireland several years ago to make a new start in live with her family and she worked very hard as a driver with Dublin Bus in playing her part in giving her children the best live they could have in their new "home" of Ireland.


The photograph (right) shows, from left to right,  Maria's mother Victoria; Maria; Dumitru's mother Raveca; and Maria's cousin Oana. This was one of the last photographs of Maria with her family. Maria was a very gentle person in work and was terrific to work with. She went through her day in work quietly and with great dignity. She was one of those people you like to have as a work colleague. Maria was very easy to get on with and had a great sense of humour. What she leaves behind are wonderful memories.


The photograph (left) shows Maria with her daughter Abigail. I am going to end my tribute to Maria by saying that we miss her very, very much. What's obviously so tragic for her family, and can I say, for her work colleagues, is that Maria was taken away from us at such a young age. Dumitru, Maria and Abigail and Mark Dimitrus could have gone to America to live where they had relatives. But such was the attraction of Ireland where it was so easy to settle down with the warmth of the Irish people that the family decided against going to the States and they wanted Ireland to be their home where they could raise their children. Please let her family have peace and we pray that Maria is looking down on us all, but especially her family, and she can help us in our journey in life. God bless this angel.


TM 'Team Conyngham Road Depot'